Chatbots: How it facilitates user conversion for business

Chatbots: How it facilitates user conversion for business

What if you could communicate with visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week? What if you never got tired and could talk to hundreds of people at once personally?

If you think of the time your staff answering same questions, dealing with the same number of complaints or feedback details with users – a chatbot could be a great service tool to help deal with these regular tasks and free up your staff to deal with more efficiency-based tasks that only humans can do.

The purpose of a chatbot is to help simulate a real interaction with users via a chat interface. It is an artificial intelligent(AI) program that helps gather a conversational context, allowing them to react to human conversations or comprehend different languages.

Let’s take a look at a quick summary of how it can help benefit user conversion for a business:

1. Tailored customer service and interaction

Most of us have experienced listening to the wait call while being kept on hold by a customer agent and waiting for the next available operator. Customer support is very important to help address any problems or issues of the customers. As chatbots are available 24/7, it can greet visitors, talk to them and guide the customer through the journey or replace regular mundane live chat tasks.

For example, if your website is e-commerce based, the integrated chatbot can help guide customers to new deals, display relevant products and helps the brand.

Owners could use the chatbots as an advisor for recommendations in hospitality, travel or fashion websites or get tips from a financial bot. This helps elevate the customer service level by allowing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver a personal experience to the audiences.

Also since chatbots are basically virtual robots, they never ever get tired with zero waiting time. It can operate every day throughout the year and helps rank your business higher in your sector.

2. Time and Cost-effective

A chatbot not only helps to acquire customers but it also helps the business or brands to save costs. It is a one-time investment which helps reduce the need for more staff required. It can be catered to answer simple queries of customers and only pass on complex queries to the customer support staff.

It allows organisations to handle as many customers at once simultaneously, save on employee costs and also potentially avoid problems caused by human errors. As such, it can be a great back up tool for regular repetitive tasks. It is easy to implement, maintain and use. The only challenge here is that you need to focus on the conversation personality or capability of the chatbot to increase or maintain your brand’s reputation amongst customers.

3. Analyzing Consumer Data and Insights

Companies can track responses given by users to the chatbot, collecting the feedback through questions and make improvements on services or products. It can help to monitor the data and analyze consumer behaviours to help a company decide which products to market. In

In addition, you can also use the chatbot to reach out to users with a survey to help collect more information on what to improve on if you find that your website is not converting well.

The bottom line is that the integration of chatbots can be used to help acquire more customer data and insights easily through the AI program learning. The data helps companies to learn more about trends and be utilised to innovate the services to be more tailored to what customers would like to know or see.

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