Importance of social media in SEO for Singapore companies

Importance of social media in SEO for Singapore companies

In response to the game-changing algorithm updates from Google and the rise of content as a king over the past couple of years, the search industry has been buzzing by how social media can influence SEO. Social media SEO refers to how the activities of social media boost organic traffic on your website through search engines. Check out the three main ways in which social media and SEO are important, and why you should have a presence in social media.

Increased Brand Awareness

Sure, email marketing and high-quality content is one way to enhance the content, but it will only reach people in your existing marketing database. Social media helps you to reach out to new audiences. Sharing the content allows other users to share it if they find it interesting to expand your reach. In return, you are generating more direct traffic, inbound links and brand awareness – that search engines use to determine the quality of content. Brand awareness will tell search engines a lot about your website’s value and how much the algorithms will trust it. Creating your identity via social media can help improve trust and social signals on your company website.

Building a Strong Audience & Following

It is a huge part of any online marketing campaign to grow a strong audience. Marketing in social media is no different. Your presence and accounts on social media help to build a relationship with your target audience. Search engines have been indexing social media pages for a couple of years and this allows your brand to show up on more than just your company website in search results for search queries, so it’s important to use your social media to rank your content.

The audience will recognise your brand and begin to see you as a trusted source with your constant social media updates and providing them with quality information on a regular basis.

Link Building

Social media allows you to bring your business content before potential customers that can be influenced by linking to it if it is worth linking to. Link building is a major factor in the search engine rankings. The quality and quantity of backlinks have an impact on how well the page is placed. As mentioned above, those people who share your content with their network will further enhance your content’s outcomes.

You are likely to attract the right type of backlink opportunities by focusing on social media marketing efforts and are more likely to be noticed when you have a higher number of social media shares. Even many relevant business owners or influencers may want to connect with you as well.

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