APB Stories

Designing a beer brewery website

Asia Pacific Breweries Stories showcases the memories and milestones of Asia Pacific Breweries since their founding in 1931.


The task of the site was to translate the content into a website that was easy to navigate. The most challenging part was condensing all the information and stories. Through the graphics, we used it to convey the highlighted stories and ensured that it was a seamless browsing experience for the user.

Project created with the team at Krome agency
Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the respective company.


The overall idea is inspired by nostalgia marketing. The messaging for the website brand is to discover the untold stories behind the bottles hence the main theme revolved around the reflection on the path of the rich heritage of family beers and stories.

Retro products such as an old remote control, film reels, and television sets are incorporated into the design. The visuals embraced the use of imagery, colour, and wildly varying type of treatments – translated this into a language that is loud and creating a look that iterate on the project vision.

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