Durian Culture

Durian Culture

Durian Culture is the new generation of a family business spanning nearly half a century. Their passion for durians overflows to the next generation of the family that is committed to preserving the art of durian appreciation.

Client: Durian Culture
Services: Website & Print

Our Approach

The concept was to include a message for each visual that Singaporeans & durian lovers could relate to, with supporting taglines lines that would enhance the tone. The subtle meaning behind the visuals brings home the notion that the durians that you will experience are indeed distinctive. The visuals captures this quirky ideal and brings with it a sense of amusement and playfulness.

Throughout the website, we also incorporated the local Singlish slangs such as “Bojio, Lah, Leh, Shiok, Tabao” to resonate with the local audience and create a more impactful and expressive connotation.

Project created with the team at Krome agency

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