Singapore Heart Foundation

Singapore Heart Foundation

Singapore Heart Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to promoting heart health in Singapore.


Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in Singapore, where, on average, more than 2,000 cardiac arrests occur each year outside the hospital. For every minute that passes, the victim’s chance of survival decreases by about 7 per cent. 1

Singapore Heart Foundation’s (SHF) key responsibilities are to:

  • Empower Singaporeans with the knowledge and skills for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) safely.
  • Providing heart disease prevention and measures through educational programmes and partnerships
  • Faciliating rehabilitative and preventive care for recovering heart patients and at-risk individuals.

Project & Research

SHF required a new fresh update of their existing website which was dated and cluttered. The previous site had a lot of hidden links and duplicated content which led users to pages that overwhelmed them with excessive details. My role for this was a Web & UI designer – to make use of the research information and strategise an solution in wireframes to final design and the completion live of the site.


After conducting a usability testing on the current website, the findings show that it takes at least more than 5 clicks to reach the final objective of the users hence users are unable to find information due to the lengthy time of clicking a link. The average time taken to complete a task was over 6 minutes before abandoning the task. From analysing their website metrics, the site had a majority of at least 65-70 per cent of mobile users to view the website and the website was not mobile-responsive for the users.

To answer the tight deadline, we decided to incorporate the results and suggestions into the final design rather than implementing the findings on high-quality wireframes.

clicks to reach final objective
minutes* taken to complete a task on the former site
per cent of their users are using mobile to view

Design objectives

  • Redesign the site that faciliaties a more user-friendly experience
  • Showcase the most important information and programmes to the targeted audience
  • Complete user’s objective with speed and ease
  • Enjoy the user experience in SHF


For this project, we developed wireframes prototypes in Sketch with user testing and built the website based on the compiled user feedbacks. We also worked on reorganising the content architecture to provide quick access to information and a brand new formal look.

The proposed sitemap leads to two main objectives/scenarios for:

  • Providing help and resources to the targeted audience (Leading users to SHF lifesaving initatives)
  • Generate funds through fundraising activities and services (donation/volunteer/corporate charity)

During the development process, the site was built from both desktop and mobile perspective, allowing users to have the same experiences regardless of their device.

The redesigned sitemap improved user experience and featured content on various pages including the homepage that recommended services to different audiences. The idea is to inform about the services and events of Heart Foundation in simiplicity and usability.

Project created with the team at Krome

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