Singapore Heart Foundation

Modernising the web experience for Singapore Heart foundation

The largest local heart foundation in my country, Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), required an update to their existing web infrastructure to showcase their initiatives.

My team helped to reorganise the informational architecture and redesign of the website.

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the respective company.

My role

I was the main UI designer and worked closely with my creative director and developer. To answer the tight deadline, we decided to incorporate the results and suggestions into the final design rather than implementing the findings on high-quality wireframes.


Design fidelity assurance, end-to-end prototype, managing content management system (WordPress PHP), user interface design and testing


2-3 months

Design challenges


The previous site had a lot of hidden links and duplicated content which led users to pages that overwhelmed them with excessive details.

Their life-saving initiatives include learning sessions and workshops to be managed on their end. It was crucial that our solution could help provide information and influence users to sign-up.


Usability testing findings reveal that it takes at least more than 5 clicks to reach the objective of the users and the average time is taken to complete a task was over 5 minutes before abandoning the task. The website was not mobile-responsive and had a majority of 65% of mobile users.

Although there were many users visiting the site, potential opportunities were lost due to bad user experience.

A smarter landing page

Context is everything when trying to present a lot of information.

I decided to start it off with a featured carousel section that showcases who they are and their latest events. Further down the fold, there would be sections which includes their workshops, videos and recipes.

This involves 3 cards with images, descriptive text and a call-to-action to allow the team to set the context. What is important to feature today? What should users care about? This would set the tone for the rest of the user experience

Web development

During the development process, the site was built from both desktop and mobile perspective, allowing users to have the same experiences regardless of their device.

The new site helped to feature relevant content on various pages including the homepage to targeted audiences.

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