Real Content VS Lorem Ipsum

For a while now, Lorem Ipsum has been under scrutiny as to whether it should be reconsidered in being used during the testing environment for designs and publications, and whether it kills or defends your design has also been in debates.

So what is Lorem Ipsum?

lorem ipsum

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Lorem Ipsum is a common type of placeholder dummy text that fills a content in order to give an idea of what the actual text might look like in the final product. Designers and publishers use it when the original copy is not yet available to keep the workflow going.

Problems with Lorem Ipsum

We have heard about “Content is King”, and that’s very important. Most designs are worked around the content from the original design sketches and wireframes, so mockups should use realistic content to provide better quality prototypes that ultimately stop lorem ipsum from being incorporated into the actual content.

All projects vary from one project to another. But there are times when it is a certain no-go to use dummy text as placeholders. Major headlines, leading paragraphs for a website should always be conceptualised with real content to give an idea of how it can solve the goals of the client.

When is it ok to use Lorem Ipsum?

That said, there are times when it can make sense to use Lorem Ipsum. Simply making a mock-up for each page would be unnecessary and if not too time-consuming for large-scale projects that have hundreds over pages.

It would make sense to create a template mock-up for similar pages with similar content while using dummy text. As most of the websites now are using a content management system (CMS), the copy can now be tweaked at any point.

Wrapping Up

So is using Lorem Ipsum a crime? – No

Does it serve a purpose? – Yes. Sometimes.

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