Understand the Advantages of using WordPress for your Website

Understand the Advantages of using WordPress for your Website

According to data from web technology survey firm1, WordPress powers about 30 percent of the web. If you need a website for your business in this modern era, read on below to find out the benefits/advantages of having a WordPress website for your business.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

While WordPress is not ideally SEO friendly by default. Each page and post can have its own tags for further optimisation including meta tag keywords, description and title. You can optimise it, especially with keywords to allow for more precise search engine optimisation.

You can easily fix the SEO-friendly ways by adding extensions or plugins that exists to enhance your SEO. Check out the links below, it’s easy to configure with little work required:

2. Multiple User Accounts:

You get an account, you get an account, and you get an account! You get the flexibility on WordPress to set-up multiple users if you are the administrator, and assign them each, the different levels of access and roles that they have in maintaining the website for your business.

Check out the links below for adding and managing roles for users:

3. Easily manage your own website with editing power

As long as you have access to the internet, you can make simple updates and changes to your website without constantly depending on your web designer for making changes. You can have control of almost every aspect of your website and you can easily update it yourself.

If you’re not familiar with CMS, don’t worry. The WordPress dashboard and interface is intuitive as such, adding, editing or removing content are easy and simple with just a few clicks. Even installing plugins take very little effort.

4. Upgrade your website with WordPress Plugins features

You do not need to have any special training or learn how to program. With over 10,000 plugins just a click away, you can easily download & install new capabilities or functionality to your websites like:

5. WordPress Security

Nothing on the internet is really safe from vulnerability. But however, WordPress has proven for being pretty secure. There’s only been a small handful of security mishaps over the years, compared to many other website management systems.

As long as you have good WordPress designers/developers or take necessary precautions by installing security plugins, it should minimize risks of threats to your website. Here are some handy tips for fortifying and safeguarding your website against hackers:

6. Constant updates for bugs and fixes

Stats show that WordPress is powered on at least 25% of all sites across the Internet. This shows that there are so many people using it. Because of this, it is constantly receiving feedbacks and they make constantly make regular updates and improvements to the design and development. So you don’t have to worry about it becoming an old software that dies in a few months.

7. Multiple WordPress Themes choices

There are so literally over thousands of themes for free available on the Internet. You can also customise the themes to make your site unique as well. Although, some customisation might require more knowledge on programming. Otherwise, you can also purchase a specially designed theme for an affordable price to help give your website a special look that fits your business.

8. Simple integration and easy installation

WordPress is an open-source platform, which makes it easy for you to transition and move your website. Many major web hosting providers also offer a quick and easy installation of WordPress in one click. Simply click on “Install WordPress” from your control panel and you will be up, running and ready to go.


In the end, it really comes down to your requirements for your business. If you want more ease in customisation or set up, maybe another platform works better. However, for something simple, you won’t go wrong with WordPress.

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