What are 5 vital elements of a user-friendly website?

What are 5 vital elements of a user-friendly website?

Here are the 5 tips for designing a good user-friendly website that will help you map out your website functionalities in 2018.

1. Mobile compatibility

We all know it will eventually become the most predominant screen in the whole world or it could already be. With the rise of mobile users, you should at least have a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, you might say goodbye to a lot of potential customers or clients.

2. User-friendly to all users

Make sure your content or forms are easily accessible, it should be a no-brainer to have to fill out a simple form. You want customers to contact you, so make it easy!

3. Loading speed

Compress your codes and your images. I’m not saying to make everything pixelated but at least optimise the best as you can for faster-loading speed. This will also help impact your SEO ranking for search engines.

  • Users expect pages to load in two seconds, and after three seconds, up to 40% of users will abandon your site. – G.Design
  • The best load time for peak conversions is 1.8 seconds (Desktop) from Wpglossy

4. Logical navigation

Clear web architecture, having a search bar and the important useful links for a user to quickly find information that they are looking for especially if your website has a lot of information. Make sure your website does not have an error or broken links, and that internal structure links are in the sitemap.

5. Search functions

Dominant search users love to use the search function to quickly get to their information fast and easy. If you have many pages, consider adding a search bar for easy use.

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