One crisp ☀️ hot day in Singapore, I couldn’t fight against my love for design and creativity – I found myself head diving into it and this marked my entry into the industry where I seek to immerse myself in this world of product design.

Since that day, I’ve amassed years of UI/UX experience across web applications, iOS, and design systems. I’ve even picked up animation on the side. I’m so grateful to be contributing to online technology every day that allows people to browse whenever the heck they want.

I’m currently a product designer at MoneySmart. 🚀🎨✨

Previously at TBWA\Group Singapore.

Ask me about

📷 Video animations / YouTube video

It’s recently become a huge bright spot in my learning time (kind of like a hamster running on a wheel). I explore video editing and animations for YouTube, and I also enjoy working on wedding videos. Let’s chat about our favorite videos and hacks!

✏️ Drawings

I love all things cute and soft (lo-fi vibes)! I’d estimate that most of my things are in soft pastels or have cute stickers. So if you’d like to get a cute wallpaper done by an amateur, I gotcha.

Clients /
Projects I’ve had the privilege to work on

Certis CISCO
KIA Motors
NTUC Income
My Little Kingdom (Preschool)
Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM)
Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF)
Singapore Children Society
Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
United Overseas Bank (UOB)
+ and more