Redefining an insurance website's digital experience

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🍬 A little bit about Bubblegum

Bubblegum was created to fill the gaps in personal finance products and offer users the best insurance products at the best prices possible. Their digital experience needed to better match their unrivalled offerings.


Mid 2023 - Jan 2024


Product Designer

Design Audit
Competitors Research
User Testings
Conducting User Surveys
Wireframing (UX)
Set new look and feel tone
Set up new design system
Website & Mobile (UI)

Main Goals

01 Launch 

Improving Bubblegum’s online presence by refreshing the current website and increasing active users.

02 Establish Trust 

Create trust through the website, the booking process and the branding to establish the company within the industry.

03 Automate 

Automate and explain crucial steps of the purchase process to reduce customer service requests e.g Claims / FAQs, and to free up time for the team.

Why did we decide to redesign the website?

Outdated design, light on content, yet overloaded with information, the old site was overwhelming for users. An ineffective experience largely contributed to low engagement, conversion and high bounce rates. This was one of the initial pushes to redesign the entire website.


A complete digital refresh reduced the redundant content while maintaining SEO performance and enhancing the overall user experience.

With a new and simplified visual style, the website encourages users to experience their journey by serving them the right information at the right time.

See before and after below–

Before After

Visual identity

Light and cool tones were chosen, paired with an expressive serif style to introduce modern and playful aspects, and to convey a calming and safe feeling. This design choice challenges the notion that insurance does not have to be always overly serious.

Identifying opportunities

To assess Bubblegum's strengths & weaknesses, my team divided research for competitor analysis on direct and indirect competitors. 

Starting with a provided list of competitors, we were able to identify where Bubblegum is performing well and where it could improve when it comes to existing offerings and finding information.

Individually, I conducted an evaluation using Jakob Nielsen’s usability heuristics, identifying several UX/UI issues. Based on the insights collected so far, I created several mood boards and led design sessions with a diverse set of target users & stakeholders. 

Feedback and concept validation

I helped to validate new design ideas and wireframes by testing with existing customers, new users and stakeholders. 


🎉 Outcome

We achieved this final outcome by merging only the essential information with animated illustrations. 

Small, yet significant things like micro animations, serve as an extension of the overall experience. Capturing the look and feel of Bubblegum and bringing it to life in the digital space. The refresh received lots of positive feedback as well as uncovered areas of future improvements:

A few other improvements include:

  • Improved visual hierarchy for new users finding information
  • Proper reviews and testimonials build trust and give users a reason to purchase from us
  • Improved forms with less clutter to improve task efficiency

🎯 Impact

  • Improved CTR within 1st month
  • Flexible foundation with new design system to build on top of
  • A better user experience and brand loyalty

Post-implementation analytics revealed an overall improved CTR as measured within the first month. This demonstrated that the strategic design not only aligned with user preferences but also amplified user engagement and overall satisfaction.

Credits – Kudos to my team for all their help
Ariba (Product Lead), Sarah (UX Product Designer), Kerrhui (Creative Designer – for the awesome illustrations & animations you see here!), Nini (Content Writer), Charles & Saurabh (Product Managers), Tech build team, and more!